1. Why our prices are so competitive?
Our translation agency is internet based.

2. How to calculate translation cost?
The cost is calculated on the base of 4 factors:
1. The length of the text
2. The language pair
3. Technical level
4. Urgency

3. What “standard page” means?
A standard page is the basic unit for written translation and it is composed by 1500 characters, spaces included.

4. How the price of the translations changes?
The cost of the translation changes on the basis of language pair chosen, text length, technical level and urgency.

5. What is the delivery time?
The delivery time changes on the basis of text lenght and its technical level. The Project Manager, after reading the text, will communicate to the client the delivery time; howewer, if there will be a special need, agency will pander to the client requests.

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